BHAVESH PATEL (Jt. Managing Director)
Mr. Bhavesh Patel has an career spanning over nearly two decades in construction sector. As the Managing Director of the company, Mr. Patel provides the essential technical, financial, and regulatory expertise. In the past he has been associated with Jaatvedas Construction Company (JCC) Group for 10 years and brings in a rich experience in management, execution and delivery of large scale construction projects for the clients.
DEEPAK DESAI (Executive Director)
Mr. Deepak Desai has over 36 years of executive experience in financial and real estate sector. As the founder of the ACCENT Group, Mr. Desai has provided guiding leadership in establishing multiple financial and real estate services companies. For over two decades, Mr. Desai has been involved with various real estate developers and construction companies in the capacity of a strategic advisor, investor as well as has held other senior management positions.
ANKIT DESAI (Jt. Managing Director)
With an experience spanning over 10 years in the real estate sector, Mr. Ankit Desai has rich experience in real estate marketing and sales. Mr. Desai has been involved in some of the top real estate developers in devising and handling the overall marketing and sales strategies for their projects. Mr. Desai is also involves in providing support for sales for premium residential projects as well as developmental land.
MANOJ AGRAWAL (Director-Finance)
With an experience spanning over 27 years, Mr. Manoj Agrawal looks after the financial, commercial, and accounting services of the company. As the financial head of the ACCENT Group, Mr. Agrawal overlooks all the investments, asset management, banking as well as taxation activities on a day to day basis and is also involves in managing the overall project’s costs.